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Hochreiner Graphittiegel zum Metallschmelzen von Gold & Silber (1 kg) ✪

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25,14 €

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  • Size options: 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg. Graphite pot diameter: 65 mm, height: 125 mm, 2 kg graphite pot diameter: 72 mm, height: 155 mm, 3 kg graphite pot diameter: 75 mm, height: 170 mm, weight: 330 – 465 g
  • Material: 99.9% graphite. Ash content below 0.1%. Make sure that the precious metal in the melt is not contaminated.
  • Features: High temperature shock resistance, chemical stability, attractive appearance. Excellent thermal stability for quick heating and cooling. Good corrosion resistance to strong acids and alkalis. Good thermal conductivity, which greatly shortens melting time and saves energy. It retains its original natural graphite with various physical and chemical properties.
  • Wide application: melt your precious or non-precious metals and you can deal with large quantities of materials. Melting and pouring metals such as gold, silver, brass, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead etc. Excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Suitable for emergencies or cold operating conditions.
  • 【Package】1 x Graphite Cast Melting Bar.Well packaged to ensure the item is delivered safely.