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D1 Mini Matrix Shield ✪

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12,52 €

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What is it?

A shield for easily controlling RGB LED Matrix using a D1 Mini ESP8266 board. This board takes advantages of the cables that come included with most displays.

This board is designed to work with the awesome PX Matrix arduino library by 2dom

Why did you make it?

The RGB LED matrix panels are one of the coolest displays you can use with an Arduino, but there is quite a bit of wiring to connect them up and also they are a little awkward to power. The panels are only about $20 from aliexpress/eBay

This board makes wiring them really simple! The board just slots directly onto the input header pin, uses the ribbon cable that comes provided with most of these panels to connect the pins of the output header and has screw terminals to connect the power cable that comes with most panels.

What makes it special?

This really makes using the display as simple as possible. Making use of the cables that comes with the display allows the board to be smaller and less expensive.

12,52 €

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.