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AnyCubic i3 MEGA X – Der neue XL 3D Drucker von 2020 mit Touch (300x300x305mm)✪

(4.5 / 5 bei 133 Stimmen)

329,00 €

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1.Large Build Volume
300mm*300mm*305mm, More space for creation

2.Modular Design
No assembly hassle, get started quickly

3.Increased Precision
※Stable structure minimizes the shaking to enhance the print quality
※Z-axis dual screw rod design decreases the likelihood of print errors
※Use customized aluminum module for Y axis on heat bed base; dual lead rail design improves the stability of heat bed

4.Ultrabase Platform
Strong adhesion, easy removal, repeatedly used without sacrificing performance

5.Powerful extruder
Strong extruder provides a better printing experience, compatible with flexible filaments such as TPU

6.Filament Senor and Resume
Auto pause if filament runs out or break. Resume from power failure.

7.High Reliable Power Supply
Use power supply from world-famous brand, compliance with UL60950-1, enhance the safety performance

8.Effortless Leveling
Big leveling Knob is much more convenient to grip, significantly save your effort


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